Be happy, we will be happy.

I´m thinking in my new life, you are my new life. I´m happy for this, but we need work. At the moment we are good, we are happy, but the life is work. The love is work. I´m thinking in the sky, in the sun, in the natural beauty, in the natural human.

We decide walking together this way, this way called life, we want the samething: the happynes. But we need work for that. This is the time, this is the moment, please don´t go, don´t break me. I need you as my lungs need air.

I feel bad and good in the same time, I feel alright now, I feel furious. I don´t know what happend in my head, in my mind but I feel you love for me, I feel your kiss in my mouth, I can feel your body in my bad… this is the happynes, this is life, this is love. My heart feeling your heart, your love.

Please don´t go. Please, stand by me, working together. Be happy, we will be happy.


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